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Annual Report
March 29, 2014

    In 2013 The Northeast Branch had 112 members. Over the summer we accumulated 14 Games Special members and one full new member.  At this time, 66 members have renewed, 7 of 2013’s Games Special members have joined as regular members, and we already have 2 new members.  From a total of 74 members, 35 have joined both our Branch and the International Branch. 

Council Meetings:

    The Council has met twice – April 20th and November 9th.  The minutes were published in our newsletter, Donnachaidh Doings, so I will summarize the highlights here. At the April meeting just before the Annual Meeting, the council was asked for input regarding the possible raising the amount of the International dues. Some unexpected expenses arose including roof repair and a new alarm system at the Clan Center in Bruar that houses our museum where Donnachaidh history and artifacts are on display.  The consensus was that raising the dues more that $5 would reduce International membership.  A scholarship committee was named to decide how scholarship funds would be dispersed and at which Games.  A date was chosen for the 2014 Annual meeting and Dinner and entertainment suggestions were made.  It was decided to ask a Vermont member to become the Vermont representative, for the Northeast Branch.  The Games schedule was solidified.  As no members could take out tent to any Games in Canada, we removed them from the list.  Council members volunteered to man the tent at the various Games.  Scott showed us the Banners he designed for our tents –one for each of our three tents and they looked great for the 2013 season!
    At the November 9th meeting at Beverly Duncan’s home, the council voted Cindy Robertson as our new VT representative.  A nominating committee was appointed to prepare for the 2014 vote.   Representatives for NY/LI, NY, NH and MA are up for renewal or replacement.  This year’s Games were discussed and the successful sales – especially the T-shirts!  Scott is working on another design, too.  Entertainment for the 2014 dinner was decided, with only the confirmation with the artists to complete.  Because of the increase in the cost of the meals at the Inn, the council voted to raise the price for the Annual Meeting and Dinner $5 from $35 to $40.  It was announced that the International dues will remain $25.
Scholarships were discussed and it was voted to award one for $150 to Ally Crowley-Duncan.  It was also voted to pay $250 to purchase a bronze plaque with the Clan Donnachaidh name for the Scottish Standing Stone at Loon Mountain.

2013 Annual Dinner:

    At our 2013 Annual Dinner, Michael Reid presented a talk about his experience with the Clan Donnachaidh DNA project; then Clan Piper Ally Duncan recounted her trip to Scotland to compete in the World Pipe Band Championships, where her Band won first place!  She also played some tunes for us.  At dinner time, Ally piped us into the dining room for Guy Sheldon’s exuberant Address to a Haggis. After enjoying a delicious meal, we were entertained by guest auctioneers, Beverly Duncan and Scott Duncan and our evening ended with the music of Susie Petrov and Dan Houghton, members of The Parcel of Rogues.


    The Northeast Branch was represented at 11 Games as well as at the Tartan Day Parade in New York City.

Flowers of the Forest:

    Barbara Cash   Sept 3013
    Phil Collier       June 13, 2013
    Andy Mcintosh    September 25, 2013
    Robert Thompson     October 18, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has donated their time, energy and monetary support.  Although our membership slowly declines, we continue to be one of the larger and more active Clan Donnachaidh branches, thanks to you!

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan P. Newton, Secretary


Spring Council Meeting
March 29, 2014

President Doug Newton opened the meeting at noon with a welcome to our new New York representative, Ryan Liddell.  Ryan introduced himself and gave us a synopsis of his Scottish background.
Secretary Sue Newton read the minutes of the previous Council meeting, then we discussed the treasurer’s report provided by Treasurer Mary Ann Dobbins. Both reports were accepted as printed.
The Scholarship Program past was explained and some ideas for 2014 were presented.  Beverly has contacted someone from Clan Munro who has a successful scholarship program.  She will be getting more information for us.  It was unanimously voted to allot $450 for scholarships in 2014 – three $100 scholarships and one $150 award for Clan Piper Ally Crowley-Duncan who will be starting college in the Fall.  The Scholarship Committee includes Meg Richardson-Duncan, Beverly Duncan and Herb Dobbins.
The choices of dates for our 2015 Annual Meeting and Dinner were April 18th or April 25th.  After confirming with the Wachusett Inn, the 18th was chosen, only to be changed to the 25th after anticipating a possible conflict.
The entertainment for 2015 was discussed and it was decided that if the dancing goes well this year, we might try it again next year.  Also suggested was another Scottish cooking demonstration.
The council went over the 2014 Games list and signed up to be tentmasters where they could.  Ryan explained that Clan tents at Games in western New York cannot sell merchandise.  If they wish to sell items they are considered vendors and must set up in the vending area and need a vending license.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30pm.
Those present: Doug and Sue Newton, Scott Duncan, Ryan Liddell, Cindy Robertson, Diana and Michael Taylor, Bob Duncan, Michael Reid and Beverly Duncan.


by Douglas Newton

The second year of our scholarship program has proven to be an unprecedented success. At the Annual Meeting last April, the membership gave its unanimous approval for a second year of scholarship awards to foster and promote the study of the Scottish Arts among our young people. The program was expanded slightly to include not only the $500 in scholarships to be awarded at the New Hampshire Highland Games, but to add an another $100 scholarship to be rotated amongst the smaller Scottish festivals around our region.

This yearís $100 scholarship was awarded at the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival, held in Northampton, MA. Beverly Duncan, Massachusetts Representative and Tent Master for the event presented the scholarship to Madelynne "Maddie" Cable, 11, from Shelton, CT. Maddie competed in the Highland Dancing competition. Because of Clan Donnachaidhís support, she is able to attend the Braemar Summer School of Highland Dancing in Connecticut.

Our good start to the year continued at the New Hampshire Highland Games. Last year scholarships were given in the Highland Dance Competition. This year awards rotated to the Piping and Drumming Competitions. A $250 scholarship was awarded to Cameron McIntosh, 12, from Pittsburgh, PA as Junior Piper of the Games. Cameron is the son of James and Joyce McIntosh, attends the Jimmy McIntosh School of Piping and performs with the Balmoral Highlanders Pipe Band.

Campbell Webster, Junior Drummer of the Games, was awarded the second $250 scholarship. Campbell is the son of Gordon and Leslie Webster and attends the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts. His drumming instructor is Bob Kells and Campbell performs with the New Hampshire Pipes and Drums.

Our Branch President, Herb Dobbins, made the presentations at the closing ceremonies expressing to the audience the support of Clan Donnachaidh for the efforts of our young people.

Much gratitude is extended to the membership of the Northeast Branch of Clan Donnachaidh for their enthusiastic encouragement to the young people studying Scottish Arts and particular thanks goes to the members who made a specific donation to the scholarship fund.

If you would like to support this wonderful program, please note on your membership renewal form that there is a place to indicate your support. You may include your donation in your check sent with your membership renewal or you may send a check to the Branch Secretary. Thanks again for a successful games season.

Junior Piper of the Games, Cameron McIntosh from Pittsburgh, PA, receiving scholarship certificate from Branch President Herb Dobbins

Junior Drummer of the Games, Campbell Webster, who studies at the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts at the Clan tent with Herb Dobbins.



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